Societal expectations present very narrow interpretations of who women are supposed to be. Women are expected to display sexual prowess but to be pure, to be feminine but also masculine and not to display emotion other than happiness. With these handmade portraits I continue to study identity, gender and cultural expectations .                                                                                      



lost identity

As an immigrant there is a pressure to change in order to fit in to a new culture. The resistance to change and will to hold on to the past is just as strong.  “Who are you without the familiar roles that once defined you?” is the question behind the series of self-portraits processing the loss of identity and mourning of the person I used to be.  The portraits are cut and glued together by hand.



In the portrait series of young elite gymnasts I’m exploring feminine identity within a sport that strives for perfectionism and flawless performance. I’m interested in the balance between vulnerability, self-discipline and determination as well as the process of becoming a woman. In these portraits I’m capturing the athletes as they are; fragile and strong at the same time.